ICER responds to the National Forum's recommendations on cholesterol therapy update.

National Forum

April 21, 2017

The Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) has responded positively to National Forum recommendations to obtain input and include data from several National Forum members for ICER’s upcoming New Evidence Update to its 2015 review on the effectiveness and value of PCSK9 inhibitors. The recommendations stem from the National Forum’s Value & Access Initiative, which has assembled patient, provider, public health, payer and pharma/biotech groups to achieve a consensus goal: Enhance health and well-being by supporting people’s access to evidence-based care that is appropriate for them.

ICER and the National Forum have had ten conversations and meetings via telephone about the New Evidence Update which may influence decisions by clinicians, patients and payers about appropriate use of PCSK9 inhibitors to decrease LDL-C or “bad cholesterol.” ICER expects to release its update in May.

The National Forum has established a clearinghouse of information and communication tools to help members engage in the national discussion about patient access to innovative therapies and the value of such therapies. The Value & Access Initiative Steering Committee identified this information exchange as a priority need.

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